Lighting beyond limits

This course is meant to be as an introduction to the main lighting tools of Katana,
with the render engine Arnold.
Every lecture is a step on towards new tools and a new explicit nodal logic with Katana. We learn together how the incredible scalability of Katana can help our lighting for a small and big production. Also we understand how migrate our knowledge in lightning from others software to Katana,
in order to improve your skill.
The course includes also a bonus lesson that show all the new main features of the last release Katana 4 and how it works interactively with 3dLight.

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Course goal

who is it for?

Lighting in Katana with Arnold.
This series of lectures are developed for lighting and lookdev artists that want to skill up or needs to understand how lighting works in Katana before to start in a new studios.

When & where you want!

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  • 1


    • Artithesi School

    • Welcome to Katana for Lighters Course

    • First steps before starting

    • Project Files for Lessons

    • Resources and useful link

  • 2

    LESSON 1 - Intro & UI

    • 1.01 - Intro Katana, installation KtoA

    • 1.02 - Configuration Layout

    • 1.03 - Navigation and Viewing

    • 1.04 - Data Flow

  • 3

    LESSON 2 - WarmUp

    • 2.01 - Template (Naming and data stucture)

    • 2.02 - Import Assests and Hierarchies

    • 2.03 - Organize a Scene

  • 4

    LESSON 3 - Shading

    • 3.01 - Materials

    • 3.02 - Shading in Arnold, texture and UDIM

    • 3.03 - Override Material

  • 5

    LESSON 4 - Lookdev

    • 4.01 - The gaffer node

    • 4.02 - Light's Filters

    • 4.03 - Light Rig in lookdev, light link and turntable

  • 6

    LESSON 5 - Render it up

    • 5.01 - Render Settings & AOV's

    • 5.02 - Camera Settings, Render Layers and Compositing

  • 7

    KATANA 4 - Extra Lesson

    • 6.01 - Katana 4.0, new features for artist

    • 6.02 - Multirendering example


Mentor session with teacher on skype
You will have access to a dedicated portal and to a private community where you can communicate with teacher and other students of this course-

  • 17 lessons (5 hours on demand video)

  • Downloadable resources

  • English with subtitles (auto)

  • Certificate of completion

Details of Lectures


Intro & UI

- Intro Katana, installation KtoA
- Configuration layout
- Navigation and viewing (shortcuts)
- Data flow in katana, Local



- Tamplate (Naming and data structure)
- Import assets and hierarchies
- Create and use collections, group, stack group
- Organize a scene in the viewer
- Specific propreties for asset assignment, AOS



- Create arnold material in katana
- Material vs network material and Network Material Create
- Create a basic shader in arnold
- Use maps and textures in UDIM mode
- Material assignment with path, collection and custom
- Override material, expose material options
- Live group



- The gaffer node (inherit light's Rig), export rig, catalog
- Create a light in arnold in katana with a rig, master material, center of interest tool
- Light's filters: gobo, blocker, barndoor, decay e Volumetrics
- Light Rig in lookdev (hdr), Light links
- Turntable (transformation node)


Render it up

- Render settings arnold in katana
- AOV's
- Camera settings, output in Katana
- Render layer
- Compositing
- Bake lookdevnode


Katana 4

- New features for artists


Senior Lighter

Matteo Caruso

My name is Matteo Caruso, after my graduation at the Accademia di Belle Arti in fine art I started my carrier as a 2D graphic designer for commercial. I discovered the 3D world as a new tool for my art, and all the rest is history. Now I'm a Senior Lighter in the field of animation industry. I have worked on different feauture films and international TV series.

About Us

what they say about...

The FOUNDRY dedicated an Artist Spotlight to Matteo, to his journey, his talent, the collaboration with Artithesi, and this Katana course.

You can read this interesting interview here


  • Type of Course

    Pre recorded Videolecture
    17 video lesson on demand
    5 hours in total

  • Unlimited access

    No expiration date
    Lessons will be always within reach on portal

  • Interaction

    Mentor Session LIVE on skype
    Discord Channel to share questions and materials with other students and your teacher

  • Always updated

    New features of KATANA 4
    Always updated with new contents of last version realease

  • Language

    with subtitles (auto)

  • Price

    89,99 € (All incl.)


  • Is it the course valid for the last release of Katana and Arnold?

    Sure, this course is meant to be valid for all the versions, because explains how software works in its own logic, is not a simple collection of things to do or buttons to hit

  • What I'm going to learn is good just for Arnold renderer?

    No, you can apply all the lessons to whatever render engine Katana can handle, like Renderman, 3d Light, Vray, etc...

  • Should I have a preparation in 3D and lighting in order to follow the course?

    These series of lesson are a masterclass made for light artists that need a boost in their skill, is not necessery have a specific skill but is highly raccomended. the course don't cover the besic of the 3D or Lighting

  • Purchasing the course the license for softwares are included?

    No, but you can download the trial version in order to discover all the features.

  • How the mentor session it works?

    Arthitesi has mentorship session on Skype or Zoom and you'd have the opportunity to join to us with your questions and progress. This will be announced in the dedicated discord channel or by mail (this sessions must be have at least 5 students)

  • How does the online portal works?

    Sign up and you will have access to your PRIVATE AREA. After registering you can safely purchase our courses. In your Private Area you will find the list of courses you have enrolled in and you can start to learn!

  • Who can I contact for further question or info?

    You can ask to artithesi staff:
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